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Jan 08 2024 - Paypal packages adjustment
Jan 05 2024 - Launch of Season 7 is closer!
Apr 22-25 2024 - Changelog
Apr 18 2024 - Changelog
[#29] 01 September 2023 (17:14) by Shaolin - Season 6 update!

Chaos Unleashed

Chaos is affecting the whole world of Blacktalon, birthing chaos corrupted creatures and raid bosses. Be aware that they are stronger versions of the normal mobs (can stack with elites) and can carry challenging modifiers. Corrupted monsters will reward you with increased experience and loot.



Creatures (monsters and players) can carry chaos modifiers which have various effects, some examples of them are:

The modifiers have different values for players, you can check them using your compass

Chaos Compass

Every day, two respawns of every continent (some continents are divided by 2 parts) will be corrupted by the chaos. Making so every time a monster respawn it will have a chance to become corrupted. Every time you kill a corrupted monster from that, you will receive 1 chaos essence. Depending on the continent, you will have a limit of how much you can collect.
For example: In mainland lower you can only collect up to 200 essences daily, but in mainland high you can collect up to 400. Reaching the limit in a lower level area does not block you to obtain essences from a higher area

You can check your current limit and the monsters corrupted with your Chaos Compass


Corrupted dungeons will spawn chaos monsters of the level you selected on your compass. It will give increased experience and by killing the boss you will gain some chaos essence.
There is a daily limit of 6 dungeons that rewards chaos essence. You can still do more than 6 corrupted dungeons daily for increased challenge and experience

Hunting Grounds

As dungeons, it will also spawn chaos monsters of the level you selected on your compass, increasing their experience but also orb chance (and boss drop). You gain Chaos Essence by defeating the boss.

The daily limit for reward is 3 hunting grounds

Tower Arena

Same as other systems, it will spawn chaos monsters of the selected level in your compass, but it will not increase experience and monsters loot, since they don’t give it. Instead it will increase floor loot drop. You gain Chaos Essence after exiting the tower depending on the amount of floors you have completed.

The daily limit for reward is 2 towers (it will count only up to 2 tickets)

Soul Scrolls

You can spend a good amount of chaos essence to corrupt a soul scroll of your preference. It will make them give double the amount of bonus and a random modifier for your character. You can only equip up to 3 corrupted soul scrolls at once


Continent Boss

Continent Bosses are a long dated system in BlackTalon, but due to some issues with it, we decided to do a little rework to make them more accessible to most players. Before, Continent Bosses were only summonable by sacrificing crystal fragments that corresponded to that continent’s boss. Now, all Continent Bosses will automatically spawn in fixed spawn times instead, without the need for players to actively summon it. The previous crystal fragments that were used to summon these, will now grant a personal bonus loot for that boss, keeping in mind that the crystal type will still need to be matched for its corresponding boss. 

Special Furniture

Our furniture system was very lackluster and was in clear need for a rework. Before, each furniture had a few options to choose from, some of them were useless, and needed to be recharged with a toolbox every now and then. Now, furniture is divided into two types: Normal and Premium. 

How they work now:

  • They will give only one bonus (the owner will choose which one)

  • The owner can use it anytime they want (respecting the cooldowns)

  • Others players can use, but the furniture will consume charge by that, which can be recharged with toolboxes

  • Existing toolboxes will no longer work anymore and a new one will be added to BD shop and rare boss drop, exclusively

Normal furniture will have a fixed cooldown of 22 hours regardless of the buff type, and extra copies of the same furniture will not be usable in case you used one before.

Premium furniture has a varied cooldown per buff type and is not limited by the extra copy rule, meaning that you can gather more than one of the same furniture if you wish and still obtain the buff it provides. The buff list was greatly increased and toolboxes are no longer necessary.

Equipment Bag

Equipment bags are now no longer stackable and now have rarities attached to them, which will be dependant on which rarity elite creature it was obtained from. Starting from strange rarity, it will only show 1 item available to grab, up to 5 items at mythic rarity. You can also upgrade the bag's rarity, but it will have an additional Blue Diamond cost to its normal fee.

Currency Storage

We now have a bank interface to deposit common currencies. It can be accessed from anywhere from the Others menu and supports a variety of currencies to be stored, such as gold, blacktalon coins, rarity tokens

and event tokens. 

Supply Stash

Our supply stash also got some love in this update. It is now more responsive and quick, with filters to ease navigation in it. You can now also blacklist a few items from being stowed, if you wish to do so. And lastly, the amount of stacks for each item has been increased. Also, the scroll effect is now permanent, therefore it was removed from the blacktalon coin shop and added to the blue diamond shop

Death Recap

This is a new feature that allows you to see more detailed information about your death. Things like date and hour, which and how many monsters or players you died to and experience loss are available to be seen. You can also see other player's informations if you wish so.

Class Changes

• Thief

  • Increased base health by 20%

  • Increased damage done by poisons from “Imbue Poison” by 25%

  • Increased weapon damage by 20%

  • Spell “Reaper Affliction” now have an area of effect and an instant damage effect

  • Spell “Consumation” have a base chance of 35% to refresh poisons (it can be increased further with spell improvement

  • Fixed an issue where the poison damage wasn’t being properly increased by damage boosts

Skill Tree nodes changed:

  • Poison Specialist: +20% poison damage -> +30% poison damage

  • Blade Expert: Reduced Poison Damage -35% -> -25% // Increased instant spell damage 25% -> 35%

  • Quick Blades: Changed to every weapon hit instead of every hit from off-hand. Also it will be possible to apply the poison from “Imbue Poison” to any creature affected by the AoE

• Bowman

  • Dislocating Spell removed. Added new arena spell:

  • Decoy Dummy: Bowman summons a dummy in the target (or self) location for 4 seconds, the dummy will challenge near creatures and will have maximum health depending of the player

New Class

• Bard

It specializes in support, having decent survivability among all classes. When promoted, it changes its name to Minstrel and gain new spells.

Performance Style

  • Changes between 2 types of performances: soloist (self buffs and increased damage on spells) 

  • orchestra (party member buffs)

Synchronizing mechanics

  • You can synchronize to an ally so that affected spells that the bard or minstrel cast will instead occur around the synchronized ally instead of around you.

To learn more about the new class, access the wiki


Relic Changes

  • Sight of surrenders eye 6% reflect -> 8% critical damage

  • Shadowthorn spikes 7% reflect -> 15% block strike

  • medusa shield 5% reflect -> 3% healing

  • bag with stolen gold 3% reflect -> 150 speed

  • sun mirror 5% reflect -> 13% strike block

  • alptramun's toothbrush 7% reflect -> 12% critical damage

  • Terror impaled 14% damage -> 10% damage

  • ocyakao amulet 16% damage -> 13% damage

  • ishim boots 18% damage -> 15%  damage

  • Ornate mace 10% damage -> 15% damage

  • Brainstealer Brain -> new bonus: 15% attack speed


  • Redistributed HP/MP% values of grade 3 and 4 of dungeons (only normal dungeons) to Continental Bosses of the same continent

  • Reduced by half the amount needed of collected nodes for “Master of None” milestone

Donation Packages

Changed donation packages, remove almost all items gained in the packages. Now you will only receive the points and blue diamonds (with values greatly increased)

Blue Diamond Shop



  • Foxmouse mount: 3 bd


  • Lightning and Magma Wings: 5 bd => 3 bd



  • supply stash remote access: 2 bd (one time buy)

  • continental shard: 100x = 1 bd / 600x = 5 bd

  • tower ticket: 1x = 2 bd

  • vip chest: 2x = 1 bd

  • cosmetic doll: 1x = 4 bd

Store Rework

Our store had a major UI redesign. It now features its own page for items on sale and recently added items, for quick and intuitive user experience. You can now also bulk buy offers in our store, being the maximum amount of items purchaseable at once 100 (not 100 purchases).

We had a few little fixes and features that compromise of: 

Being able to send gifts to other players;

Purchase history now showing quantity as well;

Fixed issues when transferring Blacktalon Tokens.


We now have a tutorial module to help new players to find their way throughout our game. It’s optional and it has specific trigger events, like specific levels, when you kill your first monster, when a raid happens, etc. It is also worth mentioning that, while not mandatory to do, it is extremely recommended to do so even if you are a veteran player, since it will yield out a nice reward upon completing it fully!

Client Changes

  • Soul scroll filters

  • Visual improvement in spellist

  • Now it is possible to see the total count for the selected milestone

  • New UI for dungeon window

  • Added ‘Informative Widgets’ (You can change the opacity in Options->Interface)

  • Changed some buff icons

  • Now is possible to disable wings floating animation

General Changes/Fixes

  • Added new dungeon for level 1350 at Retching Horror spawn

  • Removed toolbox from woodworking

  • Removed all bank NPC’s from the map

  • Now you gain promotion directly through daily reward chest

  • Equipment upgrader and rarity now has a pity system, the more you fail the more the base chance for success is increased

  • Roulette: After many complaints last season due to relic boxes in roulette, we decided to remove them because we realized that it was hurting the market for relics within the game

  • Fixed the damage reduction/increase of easy/hard quests

  • Changes in some parts of the map like, (mainland creature island, continent boss turtleneck, gaz'haragoth)