Guild: Immortal Disorder

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderDaddy ( Big Papa)1747Barbarian Offline
Ellie ( Mommy)1945Archer Offline
a Vice-LeaderGnutte ( )2500Archer Offline
Jokrik1964Archdruid Offline
Mr Inbetween2500Archer Offline
a MemberAnkaishoku1612Archer Offline
Arieth518Warrior Offline
Avaji1408Wizard Offline
Banan2034Wizard Offline
Bobo1786Archdruid Offline
Bongo Mongo1551Wizard Offline
Boomfunk Mc642Warrior Offline
Borato2500Rogue Offline
Brittan2418Barbarian Online
Bror2205Archdruid Offline
Cereal For Dinner1576Barbarian Offline
Chewie (Road King)1962Wizard Offline
Clyde ( #cagekluster)2184Archer Offline
Countess1421Archdruid Offline
Cristian Dior2072Archdruid Offline
Crixus2139Barbarian Offline
Dark Shan1296Wizard Offline
Deorb1326Barbarian Offline
Dinmor2023Archdruid Offline
Espuma2203Wizard Offline
George884Bowman Offline
Grandaddy1051Wizard Offline
Isla2154Archdruid Offline
Kardas2488Archer Online
Keiko2393Barbarian Offline
Keno1103Barbarian Offline
Kill Shot1906Archer Offline
Korvahenke1955Archer Offline
Kush2107Archdruid Offline
Leom1823Archdruid Offline
Lucas2029Wizard Offline
Nagbstre ( )2418Archer Offline
Peterparker1492Barbarian Offline
Pox Arcana1613Archdruid Offline
Rooster1729Rogue Offline
Sanrio ( )2283Wizard Offline
Selifaotia (Friendly Fire )2204Barbarian Offline
Shady681Mage Offline
Shocker1616Wizard Offline
Silence And Work2009Barbarian Offline
Smutsig1940Wizard Offline
Soso1033Wizard Offline
Soth (Simkins alt)2169Wizard Online
Sun Nex2244Archer Offline
Tankhoz1431Barbarian Offline
Tewele Elkulo2130Archer Offline
Tjugo Slak ( ihatebror)2282Archer Offline
Your Emperor1609Wizard Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Players: 40
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