Guild: Purple Drank

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
Head CaptainBlinxie (Debt Collector)2500Barbarian Online
Tiny Slut (Tiny)2500Archdruid Offline
LieutenantBazzese2500Archdruid Offline
Bosse ( )2500Archer Offline
Condor (Gerbil)2500Barbarian Offline
Gooseman (Toast Dipper )2500Barbarian Offline
Mazikeen2500Archer Offline
Phantom Squet (Infinity Power)2500Barbarian Offline
Programmer ( x.x)2500Archer Offline
Simkin2500Rogue Online
first DivisionAbigail2385Archer Offline
Amaterasu930Wizard Offline
Assassin896Rogue Offline
Astronis1382Barbarian Offline
Athoz (not Tiny alt)2500Archdruid Offline
Bankai2087Rogue Offline
Belialuin2500Minstrel Offline
Benc ( )2500Archer Online
Best1711Barbarian Offline
Blinxiey (JoyBoy)2119Minstrel Offline
Boika1474Rogue Offline
Bowzino2389Archer Offline
Brujo2142Archdruid Offline
Cocaine2049Minstrel Offline
Dago (Headshot)2500Archer Offline
Dark Rose ( )1386Wizard Offline
Deco Myth2221Archer Offline
Delgado675Bowman Online
Dogsad ( )2500Rogue Online
Elite1116Warrior Offline
Enyo1237Archer Offline
Fire Bol2102Archer Offline
Freddie ( bosse alt kekw)2500Wizard Offline
Fruwak2500Wizard Offline
Garnuch2189Rogue Offline
Gevee2500Archer Offline
Jhoze2500Rogue Online
Kardas2500Archer Offline
Kaxs1969Wizard Offline
Killua2210Archer Offline
Lancer708Bowman Offline
Le Bails Gambit2398Archer Offline
Lucas (Cat Lover)2500Wizard Offline
Mata Grilo2115Rogue Offline
Mazo2500Barbarian Offline
Mickey Mouse2500Rogue Offline
Mintrix1643Archdruid Online
Mr Inbetween2500Archer Offline
Nagbstre (Clyde)2421Archer Offline
Naksx2500Archer Online
Necrosis ( Mandingo)1633Rogue Offline
No Fuks Given ( )2500Wizard Offline
Nocturnal1530Rogue Offline
Pablo Criwzoa2500Archer Offline
Pan Deluxe2500Barbarian Offline
Qwerty2500Rogue Offline
Randy Marsh (GAWK GAWK GAWK)2500Archer Offline
Raydrickk2500Archer Offline
Ser Der ( Der Ser)2500Archer Offline
Silence And Work2500Archer Offline
Slow ( Escravo)2500Archer Offline
Soth2500Minstrel Online
Stab Stab ( )2500Rogue Online
Stricin2500Wizard Offline
Tamlin831Archdruid Offline
Udead2107Wizard Offline
Vesperis974Thief Offline
Wolfie1393Archer Offline
[S5] Blanco2500Rogue Offline
[S5] Buurning2500Rogue Offline
[S5] Jeff2500Archer Offline
[S5] Phantom Squet2500Archer Offline
[S5] Tyrael2500Archer Offline
[S5] Viscondin2500Archdruid Offline
[S5] Warrior Killer2500Barbarian Offline
[S5] Zwr2500Archdruid Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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