Guild: Purple Drank

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
Head CaptainBlinxie (Debt Collector)2500Barbarian Offline
Tiny Slut (Tiny)2500Archdruid Offline
LieutenantBazzese2500Archdruid Offline
Bosse ( )2500Archer Offline
Condor (Gerbil)2500Barbarian Offline
Dogsad ( )2500Archer Offline
Gooseman (Toast Dipper )2500Barbarian Offline
Mazikeen2500Archer Offline
Phantom Squet (Infinity Power)2500Barbarian Offline
Programmer ( x.x)2500Rogue Offline
Simkin2500Rogue Offline
Stab Stab ( )2500Rogue Online
First DivisionAbigail2500Rogue Offline
Almight Rp1902Archer Online
Angels2500Archer Online
Armenio2500Rogue Offline
Arrow From Soul (Yuna Archer )2500Archer Offline
Athoz (not Tiny alt)2500Archdruid Online
Badnews1081Archer Offline
Bardie821Minstrel Offline
Benc ( )2500Archer Online
Best1737Barbarian Offline
Blinxiey (JoyBoy)2134Minstrel Offline
Bowzino2500Archer Offline
Brujo2500Archdruid Offline
Burberry (burbasaur)2500Minstrel Offline
Casca De Bala922Rogue Offline
Cocaine2049Minstrel Offline
Dago (Headshot)2500Archer Offline
Deco Myth2500Archer Offline
Dibin Detona Ruivas1831Wizard Offline
Djullya1362Archer Offline
Ellen2500Barbarian Offline
Espuma2500Archer Offline
Famkaa628Mage Offline
Figris2500Minstrel Offline
Freddie ( bosse alt kekw)2500Wizard Offline
Fruwak2500Wizard Offline
Fudeco2500Archer Online
George2065Archer Online
Gevee2500Archer Offline
Guanyu2147Wizard Offline
Jozs2500Minstrel Online
Keiko2420Barbarian Offline
Kong2000Archdruid Offline
Legacy Lucas2500Wizard Offline
Legacy Yuri2500Archer Offline
Lowfyr2500Archer Offline
Lucas (Cat Lover)2500Wizard Offline
Lukao Detona Loiras486Druid Offline
Lukaozera (Nyx Assassin )2287Rogue Offline
Mata Rindo1521Rogue Offline
Mazo2500Wizard Offline
Mepphist1331Barbarian Offline
Meth Addict2272Archer Offline
Mr Inbetween2500Archer Offline
Necrosis ( Mandingo)1665Rogue Offline
Nimue2500Archer Offline
Nitrox2211Wizard Offline
No Fuks Given ( )2500Wizard Offline
Pablo Criwzoa2500Archer Online
Pan Deluxe2500Barbarian Online
Phantoom310Bowman Offline
Pizza2500Rogue Offline
Qwerty2500Rogue Online
Random2500Archer Online
Randy Marsh (GAWK GAWK GAWK)2500Archer Offline
Raydrickk2500Rogue Online
Sadhna2039Archdruid Offline
Scarface ( )2500Archer Online
Shock68Druid Offline
Silence And Work2500Archer Online
Stealthmode1464Rogue Offline
Takeaway1686Archer Offline
Vandeco1828Archdruid Offline
Veroma90Druid Offline
[S6] Dzyelnyko2200Rogue Offline
[S6] Laughtale2500Archer Online
[S6] Yunabloodyy2500Archer Online
[S7] Fubz2500Archer Offline
[S7] Knny2500Archer Offline
[S7] Krumpciok2500Archer Offline
[S7] Maikhunter2500Archer Offline
[S7] Miyakazama2500Rogue Offline
[S7] Strider2500Archer Offline

Invited characters

Vi Tro
Pala Loko
Shadow Lii