Guild: Purple Drank

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderBlinxie (Debt Collector)2500Barbarian Online
Tiny Slut (Tiny)2500Archdruid Online
a Vice-LeaderBosse ( )2500Archer Online
Condor (Gerbil)2500Barbarian Offline
Mazikeen2500Archer Online
Phantom Squet (Infinity Power)2500Barbarian Offline
Programmer2500Archer Offline
Simkin2500Rogue Online
a MemberAbigail1429Archer Online
Alyssa1018Barbarian Offline
Andromavqe2500Wizard Offline
Athoz2500Archer Offline
Benc2500Archer Offline
Bowzino2016Archer Offline
Burberry (Holaaaaaaa)2500Wizard Online
Cavera Boladao2244Archer Online
Chaotic2217Archdruid Online
Curando Deco1312Archdruid Offline
Dafter2500Archdruid Offline
Dago (Headshot)2500Archer Online
David2382Barbarian Offline
Deco Myth2182Archer Online
Dlv2500Archdruid Offline
Dogsad2261Archer Online
Dulokz1818Rogue Online
Fille2438Barbarian Online
Fran Dark1686Wizard Offline
Freddie ( bosse alt kekw)2336Wizard Offline
Fruwak2500Wizard Offline
Gevee2500Archer Online
Gooseman (Toast Dipper )2500Barbarian Online
Jarabes2500Archer Offline
Jayden931Mage Online
Joshua Beyma1604Wizard Online
Kaeffz2070Wizard Offline
Killskillz929Druid Offline
Klusterfuq2500Archer Offline
Lidrox2437Rogue Online
Lukimel Mago Loko (Imperial Tiger)1715Wizard Online
Lusionize1292Archer Offline
Lynx1517Archer Online
Mac2440Archer Offline
Madeleine2500Barbarian Offline
Magic Toska304Mage Offline
Manolito1938Rogue Offline
Maz1591Wizard Offline
Mazo2500Wizard Online
Merrygold1702Archdruid Offline
Nader921Barbarian Offline
Nitrox2033Wizard Offline
No Fuks Given ( )2500Wizard Offline
Onanisten2500Archdruid Offline
Pablo Criwzoa2500Archer Online
Pan Deluxe2500Barbarian Online
Paul Lavadin984Barbarian Offline
Picanha401Druid Offline
Pieta Achillesa31Warrior Offline
Raii1319Archer Offline
Randy Marsh (A Penis Insider)2211Archer Offline
Royal Eendy2035Archer Offline
Ser Der2432Archer Offline
Shereck Holmes1295Archer Offline
Siura1644Archer Offline
Soraya1088Archdruid Offline
Sr Wiky1746Archer Offline
Stab Stab ( )2500Rogue Offline
Stricin2500Wizard Online
Syphon No Kill1287Archdruid Offline
Tanksalot2106Archer Offline
The Moose2500Archer Offline
Tio Piki2013Wizard Offline
Titties2067Archdruid Offline
Windstorm1730Archer Online

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Players: 40
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