Guild: Valsa De Mama Granos

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderTik Tak1532Wizard Offline
a Vice-LeaderBaximus1686Wizard Offline
Lilithz1324Archer Offline
a MemberAorus Nasty436Bowman Offline
Besto Arrow1473Wizard Offline
Cachorro Saiyajin1752Archdruid Offline
Drass Lorde1151Barbarian Offline
Draven864Archer Offline
Drintide654Warrior Offline
Euphemia1770Archdruid Offline
Godspeed1214Archer Offline
Guaranaeco1076Wizard Offline
Hassler1302Wizard Offline
Holy Knight774Barbarian Offline
Icevayne272Bowman Offline
Izalith344Mage Offline
Kasztan1628Barbarian Offline
Layne1519Barbarian Offline
Lootbag1051Barbarian Offline
Luka Doncic1355Archer Offline
Lukzz1201Archer Offline
Mestre Sorveiteiro1144Barbarian Offline
Newfie Stupid1802Archer Offline
Ocurista2126Archdruid Offline
Patola1251Archer Offline
Patrico1057Archdruid Offline
Pepitona1551Wizard Offline
Raio1311Archdruid Offline
Robin Hood1136Archer Offline
Salgadao Do Carlin937Warrior Offline
Stone Cold1816Barbarian Offline
Trembolado1823Barbarian Offline
Ty Lefim1461Archer Offline
Um Arqueiro1991Archer Offline
Vincent Crabbe1350Archer Offline
William Wallace703Bowman Offline
Xalith335Warrior Offline
Zurtek1057Warrior Offline
Zylword1482Barbarian Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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