18 Apr 2022 - Happy Easter!

For every 10$ donated you will gain a Special Easter Egg, which gives you 1000 easter points

During the duration of the event the staff will sporadically hide some eggs throughout the map. Be aware, since we will announce when this happen.
The event will last until May 1st, 00:00 UTC

posted by Shaolin

  17 Mar 2022 - BlackTalon Season 2!

Second Season of Blacktalon is back March 18, 2022 (7pm UTC).

As we said previously, every donation point from season 1 will be given back. But to not inflate the market and make a better balance to the game, the store and legacy points will be delivered in a schedule as the following:

At start: 1000 store points // 500 Legacy Points - (03/18 - 7pm UTC)

3  Hours: 1000 store points // 500 Legacy Points - (03/18 - 10pm UTC)

3 Days: 1000 store points // 1000 Legacy Points - (03/21- 10pm UTC)

6  Days: 1000 store points // 1000 Legacy Points - (03/24- 10pm UTC)

9  Days: 1500 store points // 1500 Legacy Points - (03/27- 10pm UTC)

12 Days: 1500 store points // 1500 Legacy Points - (03/30 - 10pm UTC)

15 Days: 1500 store points // 2000 Legacy Points - (04/02 - 10pm UTC)

18 Days: 2000 store points // 2000 Legacy Points - (04/05 - 10pm UTC)

21 Days: 2000 store points // 2000 Legacy Points - (04/08 - 10pm UTC)

24 Days: 2000 store points // 3000 Legacy Points - (04/11 - 10pm UTC)

27 Days: 3000 store points // 3000 Legacy Points - (04/14 - 10pm UTC)

30 Days: All the remaining points - (04/17- 10pm UTC)

For the new launch changes we will be starting with a system that was core for our server: the stat/attribute system. We decided to remove this system ENTIRELY from the game, which means that you will no longer gain attributes upon leveling up nor from items, such as equipment and soul scrolls. The reason we did this is simple: the system was very flawed and balancing it was proving to be very difficult, resulting in it eventually getting out of hand.

Since the attribute system got removed for our new launch we added a new way for you players to build your characters, which is the skill tree. The skill tree is a way for you to walk on the path of your choice. Each little node that you invest in will consume a skill tree point which can be attained through normal leveling or through completing quests for the first time.

Gear attributes got reworked as well. All kinds of gear being obtained through orbs, quest or even crafting will have their values and bonuses type randomized. However, when doing quests you will be prompted to choose between 3 to 5 different rolls in a window that will pop when you click the reward chest.

Dungeons received a bit of an overhaul to its functionalities. They will now have an option to enable a dynamic scaling that works with your character’s level as the variable, increasing monster’s health, damage and exp. But fret not! It will also increase rewards. There is also an option to increase the number of monsters that are inside the dungeon, if you wish to grind a little bit more exp. Dungeons will also display a best time track for each class across the whole server, just to spice things up.  We also may have spread out some secret dungeons in hidden places. Keep your eyes open!

Another change made for our new launch is regarding the might numbers, presented through the gear that you wear. Previously, the might number was a portrait of the maximum cap of attributes in that particular gear piece. Since attributes are now removed, might still exists, but will impact directly on your damage and healing, which means that the higher your total might, the higher your damage and survivability will be.

We decided to also re-implement energy back to the game. Energy was used in order to work through your crafting professions, being key to progress your character's overall strength. Removing its existence allowed for non-intended exploiters and macro abusers to farm resources while we were away and, with energy back we expect that to not happen as much.

We changed the monster’s warning spells to a new design to facilitate how they are shown to you. Now it has a much clearer distinction from the squares that are lit up from the ones that aren’t, enhancing the chances of survival in a tough boss fight.

Every day, a creature will get boosted in some way or another. These will appear on your login screen and they can get boosted through exp, loot, orb and much more, making it a more pleasant experience and a nice change of pace, instead of grinding the same monster over and over again.

In our previous launch, we felt like events were very dull and not many people participated and because of that, we added brand new events as well as reworked a few of the existing ones. Since there are many more events now,  we decided to organize an event schedule, to further ease your tracking of your favorite events so you can’t miss out on them!

The long and awaited market is going to be available in our next launch! This is a feature that allows you to put up items for sale without needing to be online. You can search whatever it is that you are looking for in the market and be able to see the best prices around!

We removed the old character info UI and repurposed it into a single tab. With one click, you can decide what you want to see, collapsing or extending the desired information to your liking!

Always wanted to brag about your DPS on bosses? Now you can! After a boss is killed, a menu will pop up showing everyone that participated in its killing, as well as ranking the damage from highest to lowest.

Tired of having to manage a party the old way? Well, we brought you the party info UI, that displays all of the current members of the party you’re on, allowing you to kick players through it, with clearer information about its members, quickly showing the person’s outfit and class!

You can now interact with an NPC upon right clicking. Doing so, a dialogue menu will pop on your screen, instead of having to use the chat for it.

» Strange and Rare creatures won’t drop tier equipment anymore

» Brass, Steel, Metal, Blue and Crown set are also obtainable through quests now

» Most of the items had some changes in fixed attributes, such as +skill, +%damage and other. The attributes will be randomly assigned depending from where you get them

» Relics are now are sellable

» New Support spells

» Removed Dungeon equipments

» Obtaining soul slot unlockers is much harder now

» Revamped a few spawns

» Disabled both Vocation Change Scrolls (due to issue we found on closed test)

posted by Shaolin

  29 Oct 2021 - Halloween Event

Halloween has arrived on BlackTalon and some new functionalities came with it! For starters, there will be a chance that a rare or above elite creature, instead of having a normal appearance, will have a pumpkin monster appearance! Upon slaying this pumpkin monster you will be rewarded with Halloween Points and also help on the global count to spawn Stingy Jack, a world wide Halloween boss.
The player can obtain, on a daily basis, a maximum of 500 halloween points, with the possibility of doubling this maximum cap to 1000 upon using the Scary Scroll, that can be obtained through a special donation. This scroll lasts for a total of 7 days and, aside raising the maximum cap of points you can obtain, it will also double the amount of points you get upon slaying the rare and above pumpkin elite monster!
We also added a new special orb (Halloween Orb), that can grant you with Candies and Bars of Chocolate. Upon using those, you will be rewarded with Halloween Points, which are NOT part of your daily cap! There's also a new command: !halloween, that is used to check your points and the current progress until Stingy Jack's arrival.
Halloween Points are the main currency of this event that you can exchange for special Halloween cosmetics, so grind out!

posted by Void

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